Couverture du livre Chefferie

Chieftainship in South Melanesia Vol 1 & 2

More or less everything cultural has found its way inside these two volumes, as regards New-Caledonia proper and the Loyalty Islands, in all sorts of ways which will be discovered through reading, page after page, what wishes to be considered as rich if not in theory (I am very careful at this level), at least in detail of the data, in the strong details which make the real value of a book in anthropology (each theory being brushed off by the next generation).

The experience of the last decades has shown the value of this text for the people, and the amount of young people asking for it, because they inevitably find their family lore inside. I had only been the scribe of their forefathers and only put in form what they had decided to tell me, for all sorts of good or bad reasons, acccording to the status of the viewer and the viewed inside the colonial set up. I was the only French civil servant trained and employed to know all that there was to learn about the island people.

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